Friday, 29 December 2017

Reaction to Van Dijk

So to be honest, I wasn't expecting Liverpool to do anything in the January Transfer Window. I had expected Emre Can to leave and possibly Coutinho as well but didn't expect the news that came up recently. Having taken myself off social media for a while, I still managed to have people mail me of the news. Of course anything on the internet can be made up so you always look to the reliable sources. It was true. Virgil Van Dijk is finally joining Liverpool in the new year. Hes there on his instagram with a Liverpool jersey and I am pinching myself.

Is he an improvement on what we have already? Yes. Is the price tag questionable? Time will tell. Although with today's market very few footballers are worth that.  Is this the answer to all our problems? Hate to burst people’s bubble but no. 

I switched on to a fairly well known Liverpool YouTube live feed where they were reporting the news and giving their reaction. I switched off fairly quickly. The auld “where are the FSGOUT crowd now” seemed to be a common theme. Rather than celebrating together some were still looking to create a divide. Like as if this was bad news for any Liverpool supporter or that one side should be happier than the other. These were the same people who talked bout Klopp not wanting to spend huge money and the “FSG model” and not buying our way to success like city,  Chelsea and united. That in their eyes would be cheating. If you want a sugar daddy, you are a plastic... right?  These were the same people who laughed at the money spent on Pogba. But to hell with that now, that didn’t seem to matter now because Fenway finally did come to pay and we finally got Van Dijk. Those opposing these owners have always wanted proper investment in the team and on the stadium, while those supporting the owners talked of “we won’t buy our way to success”, “Klopp had built a squad at Dortmund hardly spending any money”, “They are adhering to financial fair play”. Suddenly none of their own arguments mattered but yet lets have a cheap dig at "FSG OUT". 

We saw in the summer the ridiculous amounts of money spent on the likes of Neymar and MbappĂ© and how the price tags of some of the most sought after players has reached a new level. It’s getting out of hand. Whether we like it or not, this is what football is becoming and with the revenue from commercial and TV deals ever increasing, it doesn’t look like stopping. This in my very opinion has forced FSG’s hand to dig deep. There could be a number of ways of looking at this. The Americans stand to gain a lot of money from the TV deal and have plans on selling Coutihno for a large amount either in January or the Summer. I don’t think I’m too far off the mark with thinking that. 

Either way, yes, this is a great signing and a surprise to me and many others I would imagine. This is a step in the right direction and could be seen as a show of intent (about f**king time), or it could be another false flag. It would be naive of us to think one signing clears up everything else and the 7 years of under achieving. You can be sure that if we spend that on a central defender, that the United's, the City’s and the Chelsea’s of the league will have no problem forking out that and more on players. They have been doing it for quiet some time already. It’s football nowadays. It now demands that amount of money spent on one top player. I think many would agree we have a lot more to do in improving the squad than our rivals. Bringing in players like ManĂ© and Salah and now Van Dijk is one thing, but keeping the key players we have is another thing. With that said I for one look forward to seeing Van Dijk in a Liverpool jersey and wish him the very best. 

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