Sunday, 24 December 2017

Billy Hogan " Need more revenue from ticketing"... ticket U-turn me arse

Do not dismiss the recent remarks made by Liverpool managing director Billy Hogan. All the talk of liaising with the fans and working together is bullshit. They know the fans stance on this. They knew when they tried to flog the £77 ticket. In my opinion the £77 ticket was a fa├žade, a scam and was there to soften the blow for end of game categorisation which would see a larger amount of tickets increase.

"The price of everything in football is going up" Hogan says. You don't say. So is the money you guys are making. What a great time to be an owner of a football club. All the commercial revenue and TV deal money sky rocketing out of the stratosphere. This is why they keep rejecting Amanda Staveley. So why is Hogan hinting at needing more revenue from ticketing?

Hogan was speaking at a recent meeting with senior club officials discussing ticketing with "invited" supporters at a fans forum earlier this month.

"So we have to look at all areas of revenue to continue to compete, but in case of ticketing the goal is to work together with this group collaboratively to find ways to address the issue and ANY INCREASE does not necessarily need to come from general admission tickets". He went on to say "There has to be more revenue from ticketing". I look forward to what Spirit Of Shankly have got to say about all of this.

Some of the FSG supporters are supporting the comments made by Hogan deeming this necessary for us to compete with the big clubs. While they claim they don't want a sugar daddy owner, it seems they have no problem with coughing up more as a fan. Is there no give and take in this relationship?

Few weeks back we saw Glazer, Henry and Kroenke all went for a lovely meal, discussing the TV money no doubt. Like flies swarming over a hot stinking shit.  Earlier this week it was reported how Premier League clubs are seeking to improve on the staggering £5.14bn current domestic television deal when the next round of bidding for rights takes place.

We remember Henry's comments made shortly after the Main Stand had reopened that "Further expansion of Anfield was in doubt due to ticket prices.

Meanwhile FSG have been dragging their knuckles on committing to "phase 2" of the expansion of Anfield.  My response to Hogan and FSG, is if you want more revenue from ticketing, get more seats... expand. The demand is there for a bigger and better Anfield and one expansion of the Main Stand is going to cater for this.

And again my questions to everyone who supports this club... does Liverpool deserve better and do the fans deserve better?

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