Sunday, 24 September 2017

Chat with Jay McKenna

Anyone who will have followed this group, should know at this stage, I am a passionate Liverpool fan who wants the very best for the club and has good intentions. I don't beat around the bush, I say it how I see it and don't apologies for it. I don't wear rose tinted goggles. Some will take me up incorrectly, and class me as a charlatan or a Manc or a plastic. I will admit I have got it wrong and in this case I have with Jay McKenna and Spirit Of Shankly.  I haven't done any favors for my group Fenway We Come Not To Pay, the admins, past or present or this "FSGOUT" campaign. Sometimes the passion for the cause gets me in trouble and I am man enough to admit that.

Last night, Jay and I got to speak to each other finally on our podcast. He brought up some extremely good points and revealed a couple of things that were a bit of a surprise. He was candid and open and answered everything that we put to him. Throughout this podcast, it was done in a civil and mannerly way. He addressed any misconceptions that there may be about himself and Spirit Of Shankly.

At the risk of misquoting Jay or being accused of it, I would advise all interested in this topic to listen to this podcast/YouTube video and see what he has to say.

Chat with Jay McKenna

If we are concerned about the well being of the club and concerned about the way this club is going under this current ownership, then we have to do this united as Liverpool supporters, as a whole. A difference of opinion should not divide us. These owners and the previous owners have done that enough. Its time we got our act together.

As of now, I recommend those who are anti-FSG to join the Spirit Of Shankly as I have just done so now. The only way this campaign evolves is to have our voices heard outside and especially outside of social media. This now needs to be done in a civil mature manner if we want this taken seriously.

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