Sunday, 24 September 2017

Chat with Jay McKenna

Anyone who will have followed this group, should know at this stage, I am a passionate Liverpool fan who wants the very best for the club and has good intentions. I don't beat around the bush, I say it how I see it and don't apologies for it. I don't wear rose tinted goggles. Some will take me up incorrectly, and class me as a charlatan or a Manc or a plastic. I will admit I have got it wrong and in this case I have with Jay McKenna and Spirit Of Shankly.  I haven't done any favors for my group Fenway We Come Not To Pay, the admins, past or present or this "FSGOUT" campaign. Sometimes the passion for the cause gets me in trouble and I am man enough to admit that.

Last night, Jay and I got to speak to each other finally on our podcast. He brought up some extremely good points and revealed a couple of things that were a bit of a surprise. He was candid and open and answered everything that we put to him. Throughout this podcast, it was done in a civil and mannerly way. He addressed any misconceptions that there may be about himself and Spirit Of Shankly.

At the risk of misquoting Jay or being accused of it, I would advise all interested in this topic to listen to this podcast/YouTube video and see what he has to say.

Chat with Jay McKenna

If we are concerned about the well being of the club and concerned about the way this club is going under this current ownership, then we have to do this united as Liverpool supporters, as a whole. A difference of opinion should not divide us. These owners and the previous owners have done that enough. Its time we got our act together.

As of now, I recommend those who are anti-FSG to join the Spirit Of Shankly as I have just done so now. The only way this campaign evolves is to have our voices heard outside and especially outside of social media. This now needs to be done in a civil mature manner if we want this taken seriously.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Summer Transfer Review 2017

So lets put the Pro FSG, FSG out nonsense aside for a second and review this window as fairly and realistically as possible. This window, media hyped it to being the biggest transfer kitty ever and that it would break records. ITK's got their clickbait ready and there were likes, shares and retweets with the speculation that this window was going to be different to any other we have seen. They were in their element. People hanging on their every word. Updates at 10:30, press conferences called for noon. We now have champions league football, we now have the extra revenue from the Main Stand and the TV money and we now have Klopp. Surely there could be no reason why we couldn't land our top targets?

The general view of a transfer window is to improve on the squad, strengthen the positions that need strengthening, get rid of the deadwood and progress from last season. I think all of us can at least agree that the back 5 was of some concern to every Liverpool fan. Has this window changed all that? In short, no. With Sakho finally ending his turbulent relationship with Klopp and making a permanent move to Crystal Palace for £26 million, it would have been crucial for us to sign a defender or two. Why didn't we?

We had been told the money was there. We fecked around over Salah for nearly a month. Eventually we got him. A target of ours since 2012, we finally get this player who performed very well for Roma the season before. A more developed player since his days at FC Basel and Chelsea.

There was one name on every Liverpool supporters/fans lips and that was Virgil Van Dijk. He had been a target of ours for a while and we had all been convinced that he was going to sign for Liverpool and end our defensive woes this summer. Immediately after Southampton accused us of tapping, we folded too quickly and offered an apology to Southampton and their fans and announced that we would withdraw any interest for the player. We thought this would not be the last of it and would force Van Dijk's hand to hand in a transfer request. Even when he did that and stated he wanted to move to Liverpool, we left him high and dry. We acted like he was the only centre back out there and yet there was absolutely no sense of urgency to put in a bid. According to Chris Bascombe, we had assured the Southampton hierarchy that we would only put in a bid for Van Dijk if they invited us to. That is some lame ass shit and a very weak hand to play in a very aggressive transfer market. Rumors had it CEO and twitter tweeter Peter Moore and John W. Henry had come over to ask questions of Edwards and also to speak to the Premier league. Later it was discovered that they were looking to get a bigger slice of the pie in the TV money.

With the signings of Dominic Solanke and Andrew Robertson, our window never seemed to gain momentum. Sure these young players have potential but are they first team ready or just squad players? We were led to believe that a revitalized Moreno was like a new signing to us and Milner playing in his natural position was too.

RB Leipzig played hardball for the majority of the season in our pursuit in Naby Keita. The money being talked about this player was huge and we soon saw that this would be a common trend this summer window with Neymar going from Barcelona to PSG for under £200 million. In my opinion we spent far too long messing about over this and questions were already raised about Mike Edwards negotiation skills.

For the rest of the season we were fighting off the advances of Barcelona and their pursuit in Coutinho. All seemed lost when the player himself handed in his request to leave the club. Suddenly it wasn't about signing players but about keeping this fella.

It seemed in the dying hours of what was left of this window, we made one last ditch effort to be seen to be interested in bringing in someone. We had agreed to sign Naby Keita... NEXT YEAR. That's great but lets focus on this season yeah? Talks of Van Dijk resurfaced but we didn't get that "open invite" from Southampton strangely enough. There were talks of us signing Thomas Lemar right from under Arsenals noses. That eventually saw neither team get him but Lemar had stated he wanted to play for us as well. To add salt to the wounds of Arsenal, we signed Oxlade Chamberlain. He turned down Chelsea, and more money to sign for less money but sign for the club hes supported as a child, Liverpool FC. While I welcome any player that puts a club before money, I do not know where this player will fit in.

While it is refreshing to hear that according to the football observatory that Mohamed Salah was the best value signing of the summer, this does nothing for our defensive woes. I think next summer every Liverpool fan is resigned to the fact that we will give in to the advances of Barcelona and be losing Philippe Coutinho. Its what we do with that money we receive for him that concerns me. In the meantime we have a player that does not want to be at Anfield and defensive issues still a worry at the club. With more games this season, with champions league football, could we see these players tire out a lot quicker than last season or will Klopp apply a rotational system?

Critics and fans alike feel that this window has been a led down.

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So as you can see, from polls that are neither Pro FSG or Anti FSG, majority of fans are unhappy. The big question is who is to blame? We can all speculate as to whose responsible but these transfer issues have been here before Klopp and have been an issue since FSG have taken over the club. 

For me, this window failed to excite and failed to strengthen Liverpool's major weakness the past couple of years. Carragher, Redknapp, Nicol, Aldridge, Fowler have all called out the owners over this. Some will see keeping Coutinho has a success and therefore the window has been a success but I feel that this could also lead to problems throughout the season for us.

In our podcast I discussed with DJ Selecta Skills this summers window. Check it out, subscribe and give it a like.