Saturday, 12 August 2017

Klopp opens can of worms

After the opening match of the new season for us ending in stalemate at Vicarage Road, its safe to say, same shit different year. Former Liverpool player Dietmar Hamann tweeted; "If you score 3 goals away to Watford and don't come away with a win then we best get prepared for another long season". And indeed Hamann is right... as is Nicol, as is John Aldridge, Jamie Carragher and Redknapp. But enough about that... tell us again how FSG saved us. Love that story.

This summer had been talked about as being the summer to break all records. Little did we know it was the same fucking record we play every year hearing of players linked with us and then how we been let down again and haven't signed enough to improve our squad and position from last season. If after 7 years you don't know what the problems are at this club, then you are part of the problems.

Players are not interested in sponsors on their sleeve, sponsors in the ground, sponsors on their chest. Some may not even give a damn about moving from Melwood to Kirkby. They may not even be all that excited over redeveloped of Anfield and surrounding areas. If you are to keep players of the same caliber of Philippe Coutinho then you need to have a common ground, their ambitions need to be the same. If not, you lose them. Calling Coutinho a traitor or a rat doesn't make him so. Would you stick in a job where you couldn't progress in? We need to look at ourselves.

Klopp has been adamant that Coutinho is going nowhere. With FSG's statement over the Brazilians future and shortly followed by Philippe handing in a transfer request, I don't think we can hope he will stay for an extra year. Jurgen has been heavily criticized over the summer and some of the statements hes made about Moreno during pre-season and not needing a centre back. Some wondered if he was becoming FSG's yes man. I think the statement he made after today's draw put any thought of that to rest.

When speaking about the situation with Coutinho, he stated the following;

"I have bosses yeah? And if bosses decide for example, just in general, we sell a player or we don't sell him, then I have to accept it. If we don't sell him then I'm not involved anymore. I'm responsible for all the players. I've to work with the players I have."

You can watch the full Post Match Conference here This is Anfield

Sounds a little like Rafa when Benitez was told off by Gillett and Hicks when he wanted to sign a few players. The "I'm just a coach, I have to do with what I have" comment. Remember that?

Hicks has told Benítez 'to quit talking about new players

While I fully expect the FSG PR puppets and biased media to brush over this and not give it a moments thought, Klopp is saying a lot more about his position at the club than he is Coutinho's. The biggest mistake we could make is ignoring it.  Klopp's comments show that he has the same restraints as the managers before him under FSG and show us that there is a bigger problem at this club.